COFFEE time!!!

I think that the Thessalonikians are the most coffeeholic people on earth!
We have hundreds of coffee places where we sit for hours!!!

I will just post you some places that I go often
but in general as you exploring the center you can locate several nice spots to visit!

Le Jardin Extraordinaire Cafe

12182504_1018308011560999_5501061681227600636_o1Coffee and free sweet per person!can it get any better?!?at the center of the town in a nice street full of shops, bars, and off corse more coffee places..

Proto Patoma (Πρώτο Πάτωμα)

{means the first floor, you actually have to enter the building and clib the stairs until the 1st floor}

Coffee and chocolate cake piece (for free again!), and an atmosphere from another time!

Thermaikos Bar (Θερμαικος Bar)


Berries the name of the sea of Thessaloniki..Cozy place with view directly at the sea!

“In general across the street next to the seacoast there are several coffee places, all good the prices will differ”

Sugar Angel



really nice sweets worth trying Red Velvet, Oreo cake and cheese cake



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