The Palace of Galerius

The Galerius Complex was located in the heart of the Roman Thessaloniki. It was built on a straight axis ranging from the North to the South including buildings like the Rotonda, the Triumphant Arch (Kamara), the Palace, the Octagon and the Hippodrome.
The main area was surrounded by buildings that were incorporating typical Roman architecture of religious or monumental character like the Basilica or the Nymphaeum that was serving religious needs. The Northern section of the complex was connected at the height of Kamara to Via Egnatia, one of the most important trade Routes of the wider Roman region.
The Atrium was surrounded by a magnificent colonnade while the elaborately decorated mosaic floors, the statues and the connected arcades were giving an impression of power and prosperity.
The Octagon located at the Southwest side next to the Basilica was perhaps the most luxurious building of all! It is possible that it was the throne room of the Tetrarch ruler while it was beautifully decorated and several meters higher when compared to the rest architectural elements of the complex.
As a hall, the Palace Complex of Galerius was spreading over an area of 150.000 m2 that today includes Rotonda, Navarino Plaza, the parallel streets and the temple of Agia Sofia to the west! Along with the Roman Forum (Ancient Agora) they were the center of daily life in Roman Thessaloniki

The Palace Complex of Galeriusthessaloniki_galerius_palace_inthessaloniki-com

Triumphant Arch (Kamara)





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