Close to your place

Things to see that are close to your apartment

Vizantina Loutra (Βυζαντινά Λουτρά)
It is the only Byzantinium bath (hamam) that is preserved.
I hope it will be open to visit

St.Nicolas church
The Church of Saint Nicholas Orphanos ( Ἅγιος Νικόλαος ὁ Ὀρφανός) is an early 14th-century Byzantine church. The church is most notable for its frescoes, contemporary with the church’s construction, which cover almost the entire interior surface. The frescoes are an example of the Thessalonican school at the height of the “Palaiologan Renaissance”. The church has been linked to the Serbian king Stephen Uroš II Milutin, who is known to have sponsore440px-thessaloniki-hagia_nicolaos_orphanos-_5685x3807d churches in the city, on account of the depiction in the main aisle of St George Gorgos, the Serbian ruler’s patron saint, and of St. Clemens of Ohrid, a favourite motif of the Serbian churches.The monastery continued functioning throughout the Ottoman period. The frescoes were uncovered in 1957–1960 during restoration works

Vlatadon Monastery
Built in the 14th century during the late Byzantine Empire, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Pasas Gardens
It first built in 1904 and it is been said that had been infuenced by Gaudi’s work in Spain at that time. Odd strories are been said about these structures.

Pirgos Trigoniou (Tower of Trigoniou) & Eptapyrgio
find detail in : this post

Alatsa Imaret Mosque

15th-century Ottoman Mosque



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