COFFEE time!!!

I think that the Thessalonikians are the most coffeeholic people on earth! We have hundreds of coffee places where we sit for hours!!! I will just post you some places that I go often but in general as you exploring the center you can locate several nice spots to visit! Le Jardin Extraordinaire Cafe Coffee…

Taverns & Restaurants

Rediviva cucina povera & Tsinari Tsinari is on of the famous taverns of Ano Poli (area) but last time I went to Rediviva cucina povera and the food was amazing ( ) order the feta that has is covered wit sesamy and other seeds…yummy!!! Ergon Agora One of the famous restaurants, very good quality food, intresting inerior and…

Kapani market

Kapani market is one of the oldest markets in Thessaloniki. There you can find from food to clothes If you visit just be aware of your bags (sometimes there are some gypsies around) it’s no dangerous place at all.

Coffee on the go

We have many good coffee places and our specialties are frape of corse but also Freddo cappuccino and Freddo espresso which are the cold versions of the cappuccino and espresso… So if you are strolling the market and want some coffee to boost your energy you can visit “todaylicious”  is one really good and cheap coffee place I…


You can find this bakery in Aristotelous square, in the airport and several spots through the town. it is famous for a traditional “cake” we have called tsoureki There you can also find a traditional sweet of Thessaloniki calles “Trigono Panoramatos” worth to buy!!!  

Aristotelous square

“The center” of the center Big street that has intresting architecture You can find shops there. It worths visiting the rooftop of Electra Palace hotel If you want to have a coffee there is a little bit pricy